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Your personal, family and historical media memories are in danger of decaying and fading away altogether - if you do not have them transfered, restored and preserved before it is too late.


I recover, transfer and preserve your film, video, photographs and sound of the last century to make them accessible in the digital century.

Helping you to retrieve memories of family and friends who once surrounded us, in home movies, videos, photos and sound recordings, before it all deteriorates any further.

My special interest and passion is in the recovery, preservation and conservation of older sound and visual recordings, media and equipment now fast disappearing. Your own personal history is always treated with respect as if it were my own.

How Is It Done?

First I make a best possible digital transfer of your movie films, videos, photographs, and sound recordings

Second I use recent computer technology and software developments to

So, gather together all those media memories stored in a box somewhere and contact me for a chat about how I can help you, to retrieve and restore them for you and the next generation.

Paul Perry