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Photos Transfer

Restoration and printing

Transfer Photographs to CD and DVD

35mm slides and negatives $70 for the first 50 or less   then $1 each
High quality 4000 dpi dedicated slide and transparency scanner

Prints, large negatives and documents $80 for the first 50 or less   then $1.20 each
High quality scan to A4 size on professional photo scanner

Prints larger than A4, framed prints and paintings, small objects, price on application and according to project
Digital photographic copy

All photograph transferring includes

Slideshow on video DVD  $45 per DVD disc
Scanned and digital camera images as a slideshow viewable using your TV and DVD player, includes


Photographic Formats Include

35mm, 126 and 110 slides and negatives, photo prints, large negatives, digital still image files
documents, paintings, small objects etc


Restoration, Presentation and Printing

Improving on a best transfer with skilful restoration

  • colour, fade, levels and sharpening correction
  • dust, scratch and noisy image repair
  • image cropping, masking and special effects
  • digital repair of physical photo damage
  • using industry standard and respected Adobe Photoshop and more
  • client consultation during process

For better presentation of the result

  • sort photos on CD by groups into folders
  • groups of photos accessible on slideshow DVD with an on disc menu
  • add accompanying music to slideshow DVD
  • printout of images as thumbnails
  • quality CD and DVD bulk disc copies and printing

Then display your photos as large high quality prints

  • professional high quality wide format printing to 610mm wide
  • A4 to A1 quality prints of treasured photos and digital images
  • life of prints up to 100 years
  • thumbnails of images on A4 to A1 print for framing
  • overlapping montage of many images on A4 to A1 print for framing
  • poster and long sheet printing


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