Policy terms and privacy

My Aims

My passion and primary aim is to restore and preserve to as high a standard as possible my client's film, video, photographic and audio material and to be constantly researching and improving my equipment and processes, knowing that much original older media and recordings are rapidly degrading. Often these recordings are the only copy in existence and will be lost completely if nothing is done.

Since about the mid 1990s multi media technology has totally changed including completely new developments in high definition video, digital sound, Internet media distribution and digital media with capabilities previously only dreamed of. So also digital technology has developed to more effectively recover older recorded media and restore sound and visuals in ways previously not thought possible.

I aim to keep up to date with latest developments, particularly where it helps with copying, restoration and conservation of older and mostly analogue audio and visual media, but also the many new, exciting and effective ways to deliver digital media to a potentially greater and more diverse audience.

Talk to me about your needs, I am here to help you and willing to listen, you will be surprised at the possibilities.

Policy - Your Films, Videos, Photos and Sound Recordings

I appreciate the value you place upon your own memories and archival material. Your original material while in my possession will be cared for as if it was my own. Your material is checked and cleaned and equipment is tested with my own material and cleaned before processing yours. My aim is to get the best possible transfer to computer and without causing damage to your original material.

Computer files for each project are retained for a short period should you feel there is a problem with your final CD/DVD. Once you are satisfied an electronic master copy of your finished disc/s only will be kept in my archives for a reasonable period should you need more copies. But please, for your own safety, do not rely on my archive storage as your backup.

Terms - Care and Copyright

Though I take utmost care I cannot make absolute guarantees against accidents, problems caused because material may be deteriorated in some way or be responsible for transport and shipping problems, though I do endeavour to minimise risks as much as absolutely possible.

Please be aware that the copyright owner of any recordings you possess is generally held by the person who recorded or produced it. If the original has been made by someone in your family then your family or a family member holds the right to reproduce it. If I transfer and restore it for you then strictly speaking I hold the copyright to that work and typically not the original recording, but in this case I choose to waver my right - provided you are not planning to gain some sort of commercial benefit, paid or otherwise, from my work for you. If so, then you must discuss this with me before proceeding.

If you ask me to transfer and/or restore any recording in which someone else holds the copyright (such as a commercially produced record or video etc.) I can only do that if you own the original recording, you do not provide any copies for family and friends etc. and you do not then sell or give away the original.


I will never divulge your personal details or infringe copyright on your media and material held by you and your family without your permission.

Any copies of media I may hold in storage will not be made available to a third party and will be destroyed should I not be able to contact you for instructions after a reasonable time and resonable attempts to contact you.