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Sound transfer and Restoration

Transfer Sound to CD

Audio compact cassette and reel tape

$50 for first 30 min or less   then $80 per hour
for a continuous recording such as a talk or presentation

$60 for first 30 min or less   then $100 per hour
for such as music items to be separated into tracks on a CD

Vinyl Records

$70 for   1 x 12" LP33    or    3 x 7" EP45    or    6 x 7" std 45rpm
then for each extra   12" LP33 $54,   7" EP45 $18   and   7" std 45rpm $9

All sound copying and transfers includes


Recording formats include

1/4" reel to reel tape (most track types), Compact Cassette, 8 track continuous cartridge
78 rpm, 7"std & Extended Play 45 rpm and 33rpm LP vinyl records
Compact Disc, sound on video, sound on film, most digital sound codecs and formats


Restoration and Presentation

Improving on a best transfer with skilful restoration

And for better presentation of the result


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