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Film, Video, Photographs and Sound

I maintain a wide range of equipment for the recovery of older media including unique and specialised hardware, computers and software dedicated to the recovery, transfer and restoration of older media formats. I also have access to even older equipment maintained especially for archival media recovery.


Includes media repair, colour correction, video and audio noise reduction, photo damage repair and touchup, detailed editing and reorganising of material. With results very often better than the original.

Preservation and Presentation

Preserve in a digital format that will be more durable and longer lasting. Present in a CD or video DVD in a way which is more accessible and entertaining for family and friends for many years to come.

Production and Post Production

The facilities used for these services are also used for professional production and post production of standard and high definition video, digital still images, digital sound recordings and audio visual media for internet delivery.

Please call or email me if there is anything you don't understand or if you have any special needs. I am happy to chat and answer your questions.

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Film transfer and restoration and the type of film you have or to estimate its length

Video transfer, conversion and restoration and the type of video you have

Photos transfer, restoration and printing and the type of photo format you have

Sound transfer, conversion and restoration and the type of sound recording you have

Production and Post Production Services