Paul Perry

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I realise that calling STD and using mobile phones within Australia can be expensive. So I am more than happy for you to give me a brief call, just long enough to outline your business and leave your phone number and I will call you back at no cost to you.

If for some reason I am not reachable please leave a message on the service provided and I will get back to you as soon as may be possible.


Aureola (pronounced or-ee-o-la) Productions

was begun by myself and my parents in the late 1960s principally producing Super 8mm documentary films and some audio visual slide and sound presentations. Much of the original film is now archived and will be restored as time and resources allow.

At about this same time I established Vortex Media Promotions working in stage production, stage lighting, public address, sound recording, general electrical and electronic installation and repairs.

Both businesses have continued in some form ever since and during this period I have been able to gain extensive experience in new and emerging audio visual technologies. Some of the older equipment I now use for the recovery of past formats I acquired back in these early days and I have kept it all working in good condition since.

My working life

started in the electrical and electronics trades firstly in industrial control systems extending later into equipment design and manufacture, live stage production, audio, film and video production and many areas of multimedia technology. I aimed to diversify in my knowledge and experience and I have often been thankful I did. I still hold an Electrical Contractors Licence whilst studying up on the latest in digital communication technology.

In more recent years technology has progressed at a rapid rate leading me to a strong interest in emerging digital audio and video technologies as well as pursuing a long held passion to preserve older equipment to provide for the recovery, restoration and preservation of recorded material in older formats. A case of merging the old with the new.

I will continue to pursue and study new developments in the recovery of older media. I am constantly aware of on the one hand the increasing difficulty of accessing older media, for which reproduction equipment is rapidly becoming difficult to obtain, while also being aware that the sophisticated technology available to digitally restore those recordings.